Using Special Characters Pt. 3

Using Special Characters Pt. 3

Third installment in our series! The next special character we are going to talk about is the “OR” or “|” operator. If we recall a little bit about how Google works, when searching for more than one word, for example apartment cat , Google is going to search for pages that contain both apartment and cat.


But let’s say that we want to search for results containing either apartment cat OR apartment dog.  If we search for apartment cat dog it’s going to give us results of pages containing both the words cat and dog, narrowing down our search a lot, and that’s not really what we want.


The correct way of phrasing this search would be apartment cat OR dog. Using this operator tells google we want to search for results with either of both words. You can also use apartment cat | dog and get the same results.

apartment-cat-or-dog apartment-cat-or-dog2

This is very useful when we want to search for specific things with minor variables, and not many people know about it!

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