Why to use Search Engines

Why to use search engines? Why use a web search engine to search the Internet?

+ SAVES YOUR TIME: If  you compare it to look over physical paper, it’s a difference of investing seconds to look on the Internet than having to spend hours searching in physical folders, papers, to look for an answer.
+ KEEPS YOU UPDATED: Millions of webpages are created every day, and updated, so you will find new information, new trends on the Internet, due that someone else took the time to upload, publish that information so you can see it, in case of news, seconds later it occured.
+ YOU COLLABORATE: In order to find the information you look or to solve the problem you want to solve, you can collaborate with others, known associates or complete strangers that are willing to help on the Internet, sometimes just for fun, or to win “points” in certain website, so it is a great tool for collaboration.
+ COMMUNICATION: It is a fast, prompt way to communicate with others, known associates, friends, family or complete strangers, meet people, nowadays in written way, video chat, voice chat, etc. you only leave the smell and touch aside, everything else you can do on the web.
+ IT IS FREE: Yes, the computer, Internet connection are not free and you need to buy/rent it in your home, business, or a public place, but the fact of searching the internet, collaborating in the world wide webb, communicating with others, or making a free video and voice call you a person around the world, it’s free, aside you need an infrastructure to do it, the Internet has no subscription costs, although many cool third party services need you to sign up and probably pay some dollars, many cool ones are free.

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  1. I didn’t know all this, definetly great source of information about search engines on the web.

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Why to use Search Engines

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