InPrivate Window on Microsoft Edge

InPrivate Window on Microsoft Edge

If you are a Windows user and have updated your system to WINDOWS 10, then you probably have already tried using Window’s new web explorer, Microsoft Edge.

It has a nice interphase,  and (as with almost any web explorer) you can choose which search explorer is used by default whenever you type directly into the address bar. In one of our previous blog entries we talked about the incognito mode on Google Chrome, which allowed you to search the web without your search history, cookies or cache being saved on your computer. And of course, Windows couldn’t stay behind, so it developed the same feature for Microsoft Edge called InPrivate.

To open a new InPrivate window in Microsoft Edge, select the  More (…) icon, and then New InPrivate window.


Private browsing is actually really useful when, for example, you are on a public computer and don’t want your history to be saved. It doesn’t hide which pages you accessed to, though, so that’s an important thing to have in mind whenever you use this feature. It’s called incognito mode in Google Chrome, and Private Browsing in Mozilla Firefox and Opera.

Have you tried using these mode on your web explorer? Tell us what you think in the comments below!


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