Why Google

Why Google? Why Google is Best? Why Google to search the Internet?

Answer simplifies into this: It is a user concerned company, so what matters to you, is what matters to them, that is always the concern, so their effort closes in on what you are looking for due to their constant effort, technology, algorithms to achieve it.

Why is it best?

Due to the last answer, they first could obtain search results matching what you are looking for, and now they have a hole team working on the search engine to keep it relevant, fast, accurate and compliant to laws and reports submitted by users and law enforcement. Is the company that nowadays spend more money into a search engine.

Do Google make money with it?

A lot of money, they spend more than anyone on google.com project but also make more money than anyone on a search engine site, they sell placements of advertisement in their platform on the top results and on the right column of the results, this product is called Google Adwords.


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  1. I used to use bing, but with this info I’m switching to Google search, seems the right way to go…

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Why Google

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