Search Engine Definition

Search Engine or Web Search Engine is: a software that lets users search for specific information and multimedia in the World Wide Web or the Internet.

Search Engine needs a user inferface, graphical, and/or auditive where the user captures input for the software to search in available websites on the Internet, that have already been crawled and included in its own index, or in the index of the main search engine (there are search engines that connect to other search engines to bring their results, like searchuh.com from Google.com), with some customizations that are useful for the user.

Web Search Engines are not necessary for the World Wide Web to exist, they just index the content of the servers that publish content on the Internet, in a way they think is useful and relevant to the user that searches the web. Along the years we have seen how search engines evolve in a daily basis, including other type of related information the users search, and evolving to auditive results, as related images, videos, graphics, etc, more than just a simple list with text links like in the early 2000’s.

Search Engines help us find what other users publish in their own, or third party servers, being the information posted on the Internet and being searched by the search engines, all user made, there is always a challenge where the usefullness, relevance, and truth about the information that is being found, so that is left to the user criteria, him or her knowing this information might be tampered or truth. Thats turns the table to the subject that people can post whatever they want, and that’s why there is a lot of trash content on the Internet like pornography, terrorism instructions and a lot of crazy things that crazy minds posted. Searchuh.com blocks all this content, to be a more safe search engine for the family. Wikipedia is not the exception, being a web encyclopedia that is collaborative, completely public for anyone to post or change a post about something.

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Search Engine Definition

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