Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is called to the process in which a webpage or web content published on the Internet is created / edited / manipulated so it can be better indexed by search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, into their indexes, so when the millions of users search everday for their interests, their content is displayed better than the rest, this meaning on the top of the competition.

Search Engine Optimization is legal according to the search engines rules, which change a lot, but there are also activities under the search engine optimization that might get a site or content banned from the searches engines index or results, or sent way into the bottom of the search results, being this as harmful as he first. For example, correctly taging images inside your corporate website is an expected activity but making copies of the same content, changing just few things in order to “cheat” on search engines is not allowed.

Search Engine Optimization that works effectively takes years to perfect, it is not as easy as trowing a rock into the river, just because you have an arm and can reach out a rock, but many people think it is. Building a perfect website must take out months of your time or the correct web agency you select, and make sure to stay legal, it’s for the best.

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Search Engine Optimization

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