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How to be on Google, simple steps

Be on Google, it is easy, it is necessary if you want to sell, promote, products, services, ideas, let me tell you how in simple steps.

A. It’s not about you, its about your potential customers

  1. Leave your wise-ass personality on the side for this project, you want to be on Google, and every other search engine, appear on top and sell or promote, so listen to this advices, I’ve been in the business for over 18 years, everyday, all day.
  2. Investigate, ask, interview, poll, search, about your potential customers (if you don’t know who or how they are, investigate that first), because all of your effort should focus on this, and not what you might feel or think you want.
  3. Once you have this documented and crystal clear, you can move forward.

B. Open a Corporate Website or WebStore

  1. Own a website of your own, if you are a brand, company or organization with more than 2 people. Buy a domain that describes your organization. Do it seriously, with a serious company with more than 15 years of experience in the Web. Do it right.
  2. Open a Facebook page for your business, Instagram page, and/or Pinterest if you are a one-person-army, a medic, a consultant, etc. that doesn’t require or can afford right now an investment on a website of your own.
  3. Make sure you use the correct language, words, feelings you got from step A, into step B, this way you will guarantee it is done right, and it will work for Google and other search engines.

C. Promote

  1. Keep promoting your website, they are many resources and they will always be new ones every day. For instance, try Google Adwords, make sure you hire a good consultant for this, it is super easy to just lose money in there, even I that have a certification by Google, I can tell you, each time it is a new challenge.
  2. Keep posting on your website, write a blog about what you are expert in, make sure you write to really help others that might learn from your knowledge, all of Google algoriths to get you in there and better ranked, are based in this principle, for naming a few: how you are found, what keywords are on your site, how long they stay (if they find useful information to what they searched, they will!), who referred, what other sites refer back you you (backlinks)…
  3. You can also create sections or also called “landing pages” (if they are not visible in your corporate websites main menu) of your website that specialize into your products and services, this will get you more specialized customers, for instance, you made a website for maritime transportation with less than 10 sections, do make good new sections for “maritime transportation for flour imports for cookies to the USA” if you specialize in that service, write about that service, your achievements, your experience, etc, in that section, make it helpful, and let them contact you easily, it will pay off quickly.
  4. Be smart, don’t abuse this knowledge, cause Google is watching too. If you copy your website into another domain, change urls too often, have constant errors in your website (cheap web hosting), or try to make too much blog entries or landing pages that are repetitive, you might get “punished”, Google’s algorith might think you are trying to cheat, or cheat, and send you back away in search results, so be smart, create good helpful content, be honest.

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Be on Google

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