How Search Engine Works

You go into a Search Engine like Google.com, Searchuh.com, Bing.com, Yahoo.com, etc. you look for something, but how does this work? Why is it so fast to look over billions of pages? This explanation is meant to be simple for a basic user to understand how a web search works.

0. Each second, searching websites or companies like this are “crawling” the Internet for new and existing websites, webpages, content, etc. and indexing some information from this webpages into their own databases, so they can make an index or a simple list of all the content available on all web servers or computers connected to the Internet that post or publish content. This is why when you publish a website it doesn’t appear immediately on search companies or in searchuh.com, because this site is still not added to the own index of each company that owns a search site.

1. You visit the search page, searchuh.com. Page loads fast, you just get a field where to put, paste or type something you want to look for, and a little more short info you might check out before you search. In this point this is still an empty template, nothing fancy occurs here, this is just the cover page, you don’t search the index yet.

1.1 Your search input is recorded by the search engine, as statistic, if possible with the next information they can get from you easily: url of referrer (previos url you were in), ip from your ISP, information from other searches you have made, even in other sites (this are get from cookies or text files stored under your internet browser browsing files).

2. You click SEARCH or press ENTER. That search word or phrase you want is sent to a web page engine or programmed application that receives your input, and decide which index table or precise place in a local database or index to look for, and will return a prioritized list of titles and link to show you.

3. The resulting index from the search engine that just ran over your search input, will bring you back the results page which is again a simple looking, light weighted site with text, images and links for you to decide which to click into.

3.1 The link you click and what you do in the results page is also recorded by the search engine company, and included to the information from the 1.1. You might think this is invasive, but imagine the trillions of searches each day, this statistics are used to improve search, detect anomalies and yes, see what and how people do searching in the internet.

Hope you understood the inner workings of the Internet Search in general, in short, simple words. Leave your comments if you need to add or clarify something here.


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How Search Engine Works

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