Using Special Characters Pt. 2

Using Special Characters Pt. 2

Following on our previous post regarding special characters, here’s another wonderful tip for you. Using the hyphen (-), we can exclude specific words from our search results.

Didn’t know about that one, huh?

Sometimes, you may come across certain words that may have multiple meanings, and when searching for them, google is going to give you results for everything associated with that word. Let’s say, for example, that we want to search for information on vampires. And the real vampires, not the shine-on-the-light, Edward Cullen type of vampires. So, one easy way for searching this without anything popping out regarding Stephenie Meyer’s series, would be to add the words you don’t want google to search for with a hyphen.

For example, instead of just writing vampires, you would write vampires -edward -cullen. Without spaces between the word you want Google to omit and the hyphen.



Cool tip, right? Look out for the next entry where we’ll learn about another useful tip using special characters!


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