How to Web Search

Here we explain to you a step by step so you know how to search the Internet or perform a web search:

1. You have your device (computer, mobile phone, tablet…) on and with good Internet connection, you are ready to search the web!
2. Open your Internet Browser, double clicking in the icon of: Google Chrome or Internet Explorer (IE) or Safari Web Browser.
3. Type in the URL, top white empty field the search engine website of your preference, for example: searchuh.com
4. In the search field option in the middle of the page, type in your search term, being this a phrase or a word that explains what you are looking for.
5. Click with your mouse pointer to the “Search” or magnifying glass icon on the right of the field to begin the search on the whole Internet.
6. The results page will show you a first page of the, allegedly with the most relevant terms to what you are looking for, being the top results the most relevant, and bottom results less relevant on the web.
7. Click on the blue title to the result that most fits your needs, or click on the bottom of the page to next page of results to see more results.
8. You will be taken to a third party website, that was indexed into the Google Search Index as a relevant search for you.
9. If you have any further questions, leave us a comment, we will be glad to respond to it.

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  1. Sometimes you just take for granted simple things, but this instructions on how to search the web helped me better understand how search engine works and how to use them on my favor… thanks.

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How to Web Search

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