Search on Google using an image

Search on Google using an image

Have you ever come across a picture you wanna know more about? It’s name, similar images, or websites that have that image? And did you know that it’s totally possible for you to use an image to make a search? If not, keep on reading!

Google lets you search for images on but, not many people know that you can actually search using images as well. One of the four ways you can do it is by dragging an image saved on your computer into the search box on

This works whenever you have already saved an image on your computer or you were working with one and suddenly got curious. But it’s not the only option you have. You can also click on the camera icon on the search box to upload an image directly from your computer as well, without having to open anything beforehand. Just click on it and select “upload an image”.

But what if you found the image you suddenly got curious about on the web? You don’t have to save it and then use the procedures mentioned before, instead, you can simple right click on it and copy the image url and paste it on the search box. Quick and easy without the extra steps!

There’s also another way to search even faster on the web, but you need to previously install the Search by image chrome extension (here’s the link for the firefox extension). When you have it installed, you simply have to right click on the image and select the option “search by image” to use it to search the web.

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