Different Search Engines

Different Search Engines

The search engines are the first place everyone heads to and they have become household names. Google has even become a verb and now people around the world are Googling for information on the Internet. Here are a list of some other search engines that might give you more interesting results:

  • Bing – Microsoft’s new search engine that will give different results than Google because of the ‘decision algorithm’ it uses.

  • Yahoo! – Still using its own technology for the next couple years (then it will use Bing) it not only searches the web well but also all the Yahoo! Pages.

  • Lycos – One of the older and less popular Internet search engines is still alive and kicking. Allows you to search a variety of categories (web, image, video, people, shopping, etc). Includes the Retriever which is β€œthe Web’s first information fusion engine, scouring the Web for the best information on thousands of topics and pulling it together into up-to-date, easy-to-read reports”

  • Ask.com – Lets you use a more intuitive way to search by simply typing in a complete question instead of a list of keywords. Returns results based on ‘ExpertRank algorithm’ which determines website authority by using subject-specific popularity.

A fairly lengthy and complete list of search engines and more can be found at Wikipedia’s List of Search Engines page.

Another area of search engines are the metasearch engines. These services will query multiple search engines at once and then compile the results. There are multiple levels of complexity in these sorts of metasearch engines. Dogpile and Clusty are two services that do a good job while Surfwax and Copernic offer specialized services which incorporate different feature sets to help you search more quickly.

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