Using the ‘Find’ feature to help you locate the info you need quickly and easier

Using the ‘Find’ feature to help you locate the info you need quickly and easier

The internet is massive. I think we all know that. So, whenever we search the web for something specific, it can take us a while to find the webpage that has just what we need within all the results we are given. To help narrowing down our choices —and speeding up the process—, there exists a feature that you may or may not know of. The magical ‘Find’ feature. You can use it by clicking on the ‘Find’ option on your browser’s menu or using the shortcut.



For Windows Users: Control Key + F

For Mac Users: Apple Key + F

What this feature does is that a search box appears on the right side of your browser, letting you type and search for a specific word or set of words within the webpage. This is extremely helpful if, for example, you are searching for information on tarantulas (yay for spider enthusiasts!) and enter a page that has information on the most common types of spiders. Instead of reading and searching all the page for the section you are looking for, just use the shortcut for ‘Find’ and type ‘tarantulas’ on the search box. It will search the webpage for you and take you to the nearest result, allowing you to skim to the next result until you find what you are looking for! Talk about easy and quick!


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