Translation for Web Search Results on Google

Translation for Web Search Results on Google

Let’s say we need to get results to a web search in a certain language, but we made such search in another language. I mean, imagine you heard or read about certain phrase in a language you can’t understand. But you want to get some information about that phrase, information you can actually comprehend, so here I share with you a tip for translating pages or web results.

  • First of all, you have to do your search. For example, let’s look for International Earth’s Day in Spanish (I chose this language, but we can translate from any other we want):



  • We got our results all in Spanish, like it was expected. Now, we willex2 select icon icon on the right corner on the top of our current tab, just like it’s shown in the following image:



  • Then, a dialog window like the one below is going to be shown:


  • You can select “options” to choose from which language to which you want the translation to be made.



  • When you’re done, select “Translate” to get your results in the desired language.



  • A notification will make you know when it’s been translated already. You can click on the “Show original” option to go back to the results that were in the original language.



  • The whole previous action can also be used to translate web sites just by following the exact same procedure:

ex7  ex8


And then you get whatever pages or web results you want to be translated. That was my tip for you. I hope you find it useful and helpful for you to access to the information you need without the language barrier search engines have taken down for us.


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