Tricks to search images on the internet

Tricks to search images on the internet

Google is the most commonly used search engine for finding images on the Internet. But sometimes we use it so cheerfully that we do not realize that it has a series of filters that allow you to fine tune the search to increase the chances of finding what we are looking for.

These filters are integrated in the “Search tools” option , in the top menu, just below the Google Images search field. This last point is especially important, since not all the images you see online are susceptible to be used wherever you want, however you want.  Thanks to them it is possible to filter the results of an image search according to certain personal preferences:

  • Size: allows you to select a size range or a specific size for the image you are looking for, including icons.
  • Color: search black and white images, with transparent background or filters the results by dominant color.
  • Type: locates images of a particular type, such as faces, line drawings or animated images.
  • Date: select a range of dates to determine the age of the image.
  • Usage rights: filters the images according to their conditions of use.

Many of them are protected by copyright , and it is precisely this filter that allows you to locate those that can be reused, even in some cases for commercial purposes.

There are other filters very practical when looking for images in Google, and you can use in combination with the above:

1- site:  which allows you to limit searches to a single website. So, if for example you want to search for images of something concrete in Genbeta, you can put “site:” in Google Images, followed by the keyword of what you are looking for.

2- filetype: with which you can locate images of a specific type: JPG, GIF, PNG, etc. It is especially useful, for example, if you are looking for transparent background PNG. To do this you just have to put your keyword in Google Images, followed by “filetype: PNG” and use the Transparent Color filter that we mentioned before.

Image Search Extensions

If you use Chrome , some very practical extensions in the search of images are:

  • Quick Image Search , which allows you to search for images from the contextual menu (by right clicking on a marked text or an image)
  • Omni Image Search , which adds to Chrome the ability to search for images from the address bar
  • Fast Image Search , with which to quickly do a reverse search in both Google Images and TinyEye – site that we will talk about later.

In the case of Firefox , you can use:

  • Google Image Search , which adds the option to search Google Images from the context menu, selecting a text or right-clicking an image
  • Image Search , with which you can do a reverse search in several search engines
  • Image Search Options , similar to the previous one but with more options of configuration and personalization.

Search for images with TinyEye

TinyEye has a database of more than 14 billion photos , and allows you to search with images that you have on your computer or are on the Internet – providing your URL. Your Labs section also includes some curious search tools, such as this search engine that locates images on Flickr with the color scheme that you want.

MockDrop and SmartMockups

With mockDrop and SmartMockups you can easily modify them to insert a custom capture in them so that it looks like the device is displaying the image you want.

The best thing about both, besides, is that you do not even need to use Photoshop or any other editor to adapt your capture to the device. Simply upload the capture in question to the web, and it takes care of everything so that you then only have to download the already edited image.




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