Common Terms for Internet Use

Common Terms for Internet Use

When using Internet, specially at the beginning, we may find some concepts unfamiliar to us. Those concepts, sometimes makes difficult for us to understand the use of Internet. In order to make easier the understanding of this, the following information is dedicated to define the most common basic terms we need to understand to improve our skills on the the World Wide Web.


Defining Internet.

Internet, also known as  web or net, is a group of computers or servers -computers providing information, through a network, to other computers- connected on a worldwide network sharing a communication protocol, which serve to all computers connected to such network. Knowing the definition for Internet, we may now start to define some common concepts you will meet when surfing, which by the way means to navigate through or spending time, on the web. You can also call navigation to the action of surfing.


Browser, Search Engine and the Difference Between Them.

A browser (eg. Firefox, Internet explorer/Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Opera, Safari,…) is the program that allows doing that: seeing web sites -a set of a person or an institution pages, it is often known just as site. On the other hand, a search engine (eg. Google, Bing, Yahoo!, Ask, Aol, etc…) is the one that helps you locating Web contains.

World Wide Web.

W3 or www is an abreviation for World Wide Web, a communication interface -a user program’s communication system; it covers the screens and the elements that inform the user what is able to be done or what is happening- in the internet, that uses hipertext links -text  and multimedia set created to be read using links to connect with other texts in different parts- within a same page or among different pages. A page is a World Wide Web, which usually containstexts, multimedia, and links to other pages. A link is a conection among parts in a page, or another remote pages. HyperText Transfer Protocol (often seen as http) is a communication protocol used by www. URL (Uniform Resource Locator) is an Internet directions system.


When using Internet, specially at the beginning, it may be hard for us to understand some concepts. With the previous definitions, you may now make use of the internet in an easier way knowing what each of those terms means.



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